Free English 4 Kids is a nonprofit project organized

by American teenagers supporting speaking skills of

English language learners. Free English 4 Kids is here to

match those who want to learn English with free tutors.

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The objective of this project is

To help people improve their English speaking skills

To provoke productive communication

To help American teens fulfill their wish to volunteer and improve their community, in a needed way

To have fun, and benefit from one another


How it works:

Fill out our contact form to get started!

Have a registered Skype account, a webcam and a microphone.

Each student will be assigned a tutor.

The two will work together on achieving the student’s personal language goals!

First lesson is 10 minutes long, to understand the student’s level.

Following lessons are 20-40 minutes long.


If you want to be a student:

- Start out by filling out our contact form!

- let us know that you want to learn English with us, your English level (you must have basic skills), and your time zone

- a tutor will contact you, and schedule your sessions

- you need a computer, webcam, and a microphone

- software: skype


If you want to be a tutor:

-Start out by filling out our contact form!

-let us know that you’re interested in tutoring, and your time zone

-if you do not have a potential student in mind, we will try to find you one

-if you do, we can give you an introduction to tutoring, answer any questions you have, provide you with resources, and

give you tips and advise on holding a session

- you need a computer, webcam, and a microphone

-software: skype



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